Tacloban City, Philippines – While Filipinos are known for their resiliency and ‘bayanihan’ spirit, even and especially in the face of numerous calamities that continue to torment the nation, it is difficult to dismiss the encouraging support and help received from across the world, especially from those who volunteered to come and offer assistance, even as Filipinos struggle to rise on our own.

The recent disaster in Tacloban City and other Central Visayas provinces had proved that the world and humanity still cares for its own people, transcending race, color and ethnicity, and help is readily available when and where it is needed.

A lot of pictures showing volunteers from across the world doing their own share, to ease the plight of the typhoon survivors had touched the hearts of the many and won admiration from everyone.

But nothing can be more telling than these two pictures of foreign volunteers who braved the difficulties of the task, just to contribute in assuring that emergency relief is delivered to those who needed it.                                                                                                                   

The first photo showed a uniformed officer carrying a pack of relief goods, bringing it to shore. When it was posted in the Facebook page OFW World Family, the picture was immediately shared by Facebook users. It has so far received 54,000+ likes with 6,200+ shares,  with many greatly appreciative of the officer’s effort and thanked the unknown volunteer. One (name withheld) said, Another unsung hero…we salute you and we thank you Sir! God bless Visayas, God bless Panay, God bless the Philippines and God bless us all!’

While another, who can’t help chiding at Philippine government said, ‘We should thank all the foreign countries who volunteers who sacrifice their time to come to tacloban and other town to help us give us foods to eat and water to drink. While our very own country and specially the incompetent quote lamb president unquote.setting in the air on waiting for reports which his DILG sec. Roxas was in the city a day before and after did not even care to look what happen and what the people need after this horrible hurricane Haitian have done and everybody in the city are victims…’


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