Police Warns Expats In Saudi Arabia, Beware Of Fake Inspectors

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia- The grace period given for illegal workers in Saudi Arabia ends today, November 4. This means thousands of inspectors will be dispatched to check the establishments all over the kingdom.

The inspectors would come from the kingdom’s security agencies, as said by Abdullah Abu Thunain, undersecretary for inspections. The designated inspectors would check for every workers documents including iqama, passport and other legal papers.

In line with this, Jeddah’s Police Department warns expats and all concerned individuals to beware of people who might take advantage of the raids and may pose as police inspectors. These people in reality might actually be thieves in disguise who just want to infiltrate homes and establishments.

According to the statement of Nawaf Al-Bouq, spokesman for Jeddah Police, the true inspectors are those wearing official uniforms and have their identity cards. In addition, the inspectors are not allowed to enter private homes.

The Ministry of Labor had also confirmed that the inspectors will only inspect companies and establishments and they are not allowed to inspect private homes.

The warning against fake inspectors is already circulating in social media networks. The public is highly warned regarding individuals who may try to take advantage of the situation and may pose as inspectors coming from labor and passport offices. Many of these fake inspectors may already have criminal records.


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