Sotto, 3 Other Senators Allegedly Channeled P100M From DAP Via Napoles NGOs

MANILA – After the PDAF scam, now also comes the highly controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), which was not spared by the alleged money-stealing scheme of Janet Napoles.

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) showed letters from four incumbent senators allegedly seeking the release of P100M each from DAP to the bogus NGOs linked to Janet Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the pork barrel scandal.

Upon DBM’s introduction of the program (DAP) in 2011, four senators almost immediately sought the release of P100M for each to be given to the Department of Agriculture (DAR) for implementation of their pet projects. However, they all later sent letters to the DBM asking for realignment of said funds to National Livelihood Devt. Corp (NLDC) and subsequently endorsed Napoles-linked NGOS to ‘implement’ the projects.

One of the senators, Sen. Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto III asked in his letter to the DBM to release P70M to the NLDC, as per Saro No. E-11-01884 and NCA No. NCA-BMB-E-11-0022394. His letter dated March 21, 2012 stated the following:

‘our office has designated the following registered nongovernment organizations as your conduit in the implementation of livelihood projects supposedly intended for displaced families/ marginal farm family beneficiaries and other constituents nationwide’

He went on to endorse NGOS namely KPMI (P15M), SDPFFI(P20M) and Cared(P35M), all of which were allegedly put up by Napoles, as the implementing partners. In the same letter, he also gave authority to his Director, Maria Lourdes Estonillo, ‘to sign, follow up, and supervise and act on my behalf to ensure its proper and timely implementation’.

The other senators, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada, Sen. Bong Revilla and Sen. Bongbong Marcos apparently followed the same method.

Estrada , after seeking endorsement from the Senate President Juan Ponce-Enrile last Nov. 22, 2012, wrote also to the DBM in a letter dated Dec. 22, 2012, to ‘reallign’ funds from his P100M from DAR to NLDC (Saro No. E-11-01882) and endorsed AEPFFI and APMI to implement projects worth P35M and SDPPFI (P30 M) as partners. Ironically, his letter also designated his deputy chief-of-staff Paulen Labayen to ‘sign, follow up, supervise and act on my behalf to ensure the proper and timely implementation of the said projects.’

Meanwhile, Sen. Revilla wrote in a March 19, 2012 letter to Gondelina Amata, NLDC president, endorsing NGOs as his conduit. His letter read:

“May I request that we include some nongovernment organizations as our partners in the implementation of the project subject to government accounting and auditing rules and regulations.”

The NGOs identified by Revilla includes GASMFI (P30M), Cared (P30M) and KPMI (P40M), all three are said to be linked to Janet Napoles as well. His DBM request for fund release is under Saro No. E-11-01881 dated Dec. 6, 2011.

Sen. Bongbong Marcos, meanwhile, in a similar manner also asked the DBM to realign funds from DAR to NLDC. It was covered by Saro No. E-11-01883 with a notice of cash allocation (NCA) No. BMB-E-11-0022390.

His endorsed NGOs in a letter to Amata dated March 16, 2013 included AEPFF (P45M), APMI(P25M), KPMI P25M) and GASMFI (P5M. Again, NGOS later found to be non-existent, and linked to Napoles.

Sen. Sotto however denies the letter request to DAR. In a telephone interview, he said:

“I don’t recall writing such kind of letter. And you can’t forget if it involves such a huge amount,”

“Most probably someone used my name or had my signature forged,”

Marcos also maintained innocence and repeatedly refuted any involvement in the funds misuse. He reiterated once more that his signatures could have been forged in those alleged transactions. He said in previous statement;

“I have always exerted due diligence to ensure every centavo set aside for projects will be used in relevant and beneficial projects for the public,”

Sen. Revilla, thru his lawyer Atty. Joel Bodegon, also raised the possibility that the lawamker’s signature may have been forged;

“Most likely these are also fake. The existence of those documents shows that the syndicate including the whistle-blowers continues to operate.”

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada has yet to comment on the latest controversy.

Two of the above senators, Estrada and Revilla, are already facing charges of plunder in the Ombudsman in connection with the PDAF scam.


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