Dr. Paul Pimsleur

Dr. Pimsleur was a language educator for more than 20 years. He noticed that children have an amazing ability to learn new languages quickly. He spent his life developing this course to let you, as an adult, learn a new language as easily as a child would. Pimsleur Approach currently has a special offer available, here are the details:

Pimsleur Approach currently has a great special offer available. Choose any language and order now to receive half off, with free shipping. The programs, which normally cost $19.95, are now just $9.95 and your course ships free on the next business day. There is also a 30-day, money-back guarantee, allowing you to receive a full refund if you don’t learn as fast as you’d like.
Picking up a new language can be cost-effective, enjoyable, and fast with the Pimsleur Approach. With a special price of only $9.95 and free shipping you can be sure this offer won’t last long.

Click here for more information on this ingenious language learning method


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