About for two Person are how to get mistake.

Five things you can do to make this your best weekend this year: #1 Turn off all devices for six hours and attempt to talk to real human beings. For some of you, this might be scary shit, but go ahead and try it. If you are really scared, start with children and work your way up. That also means turn off that vibrating thing in your pocket or purse too. #2 Give up all purist training nonsense for a few hours, grab someone you care about, or just picked up, and share a bottle of wine. There are no problems in the world that aren’t solvable after the second glass. #3 Surprise your family by actually going home and spending some time with them. Give up a workout and take your kids, or anybody’s kids, to the park and play for awhile. #4 Call some important person in your life you haven’t talked to in a while, say your sorry, and kick back with a conversation. Drink the wine first; it makes this call easier. #5 Go to The Wal-Mart and stare at people for a few hours. It will make you damn proud about how good shape you are in. Don’t, however, ask why these people aren’t working out at your gym. Just assume they all have legitimate excuses out of their control for trying to die young. You didn’t think I would let that thread die did you?


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